Thursday, 1 September 2011

about me

*Thankful to God for my life, love, blessings & lessons 
*Life is one long romance with ups & downs
*Passionate, helpful, optmistic, cheerful 
*Family & work keep me excited as well as grounded 
*Son of proud parents *Brother to kind siblings 
*Left-handed father to1 delightful left-handed Son 
*Loyal friend to a few honest people 
*Timeless not trendy *Cultured not common 
*Blemished fruit yet healthy & fine enough for nourishment & garnishing 
*Generous not wasteful 
*Kind not gullible* 
*Leader of a sharp team that directs creative productions & fashion 
*Thirsty for wisdom *Hungry for knowledge 
*Money has purchased props and fun, not my happiness 
*Grateful for what I have *God's Work in Progress 
*BEECUBE likes the smell of freshly-baked bread, clean dry towels, freshly cut grass; the sight of wide green fields, well-kept old cars, elegant ladies & art galleries; and the company of well-mannered people and arty-types.

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